Best rated Palmas Del Mar Puerto Rico travel destinations and vacation recommendations: Palmas del Mar sprawls across 2,700 acres (1,092 hectares) of beautifully landscaped coast, a self-contained resort and residential community with several different luxury neighborhoods, ranging from Mediterranean-style villas to modern marina town houses. On the grounds are six pools, two golf courses, 20 tennis courts, a fitness center, and a dive shop. Fishing, bike or car rentals, babysitting, and horseback riding can be arranged. Read extra information on Palmas Del Mar Resort.

Conveniently established at Park Entrance Road, Punta Santiago, Humacao, Puerto Rico, 00791, Puerto Rico, Humacao Nature Preserve (Reserva Natural de Humacao) is the second most well-known landmarks of Palmas Del Mar. The lagoon is an important natural reserve that is protected for study and conservation as it is part of the San Juan Bay estuary. You can see us at Park Entrance Road, Punta Santiago, Humacao, Puerto Rico, 00791, Puerto Rico, and you can reach us at for any queries and reservations. Looking for a great place to see while you’re in Palmas Del Mar Go to Casa Roig Museum and enjoy The Casa Roig Museum is a historic house museum and gallery in Humacao, Puerto Rico. Situated right at 66 Cll Antonio Lopez, Humacao, 00791, Puerto Rico, this landmark is popular among natives and travelers alike. Talk to us and set up your trip to Casa Roig Museum on your next visit to Palmas Del Mar.

Although Culebra is often mentioned in the same breath as Vieques, this smaller island with beautiful beaches and lush hills has its own unique character. The pace here is unhurried, and the atmosphere relaxed. Eco tourism is big on the island, and many of the tourist establishments are run by expats. About 17 miles east of Puerto Rico and 12 miles west of the Caribbean island of Saint Thomas, Culebra is only seven miles long and three miles wide, with 23 offshore islands of its own. The area’s coral reefs are considered some of the best in the entire Caribbean. The horseshoe-shaped Playa Flamenco is the most popular beach on the island and as close to perfect as possible. The water is clear with no surf, making it a good place for swimming or diving, and the blazingly white sand is lined with palms. Isla de Culebra National Wildlife Refuge is a well-preserved slice of nature that includes the entire coastline of Culebra and more than 20 offshore cays. More than a third of Culebra is designated as the Culebra National Wildlife Refuge, which includes Cayo Luis Peña, a small island just west of Culebra. Here, coves and rugged terrain make for some interesting but challenging hiking opportunities.

Daniel’s Seafood is one of the most famous restaurants in the area. Known for their creative outtakes on seafood, Daniel’s Seafood is a must visit restaurant place since its famous for their conch and lobsters. When you eat at this restaurant, since most of the products are fresh, you are helping the local fishermen of the region. These are the businesses that are helping Humacao’s local economy. We definitely encourage you to support this restaurant and other businesses like this, because is definitely helping them to bloom after what Hurricane María has represented in the region.

As a tropical Caribbean travel destination, Puerto Rico has it all and then some. Beautiful palm-lined beaches, some with calm warm waters lapping the golden sand and others with huge waves and famous surf breaks, draw all kinds of beach seekers, from couples and families to hard-core surfers. Home to the US Forest System’s only tropical rainforest and the nighttime wonders of the Bioluminescent Bay, Puerto Rico is a pleasant surprise for nature lovers. Add to this the culture and charm of historic San Juan, with its colonial architecture and old forts, and the picture is complete.

The Punta Tuna Lighthouse is a must-see during your visit to Palmas del Mar in Puerto Rico. The lighthouse is situated on a unique rock formation that juts out majestically into the sea. The historic lighthouse was built in the 19th century and is considered one of the most important landmarks in all of Puerto Rico. Scuba diving is a popular attraction for Palmas del Mar guests. On the property, there are two different scuba dive centers: Sea Ventures and East Puerto Rico Divers. Both groups employ diving professionals with years of deep-sea diving experience. Beginner programs are available for ages 10 and older who have yet to earn their certification. Equipment rentals are available as well as the use of GoPro cameras in order to record your unique diving adventure. About two hours by boat from the Palmas del Mar is a scuba diver’s haven at Vieques and Culebra. See even more information at